Life at RF

Being here

What’s it like working at ReliabilityFirst? We pride ourselves on our culture of inclusivity, employee wellbeing, and innovation in our approach to our work. Our employees are passionate about the work they do and impact they make on the reliability and security of the electricity grid.


Check out some of the things our employees have said about working at ReliabilityFirst:

“I am fortunate to work on a small, strong, adaptable and collaborative team. We are always looking out for each other and working together to make sure we achieve our goals. Overall, ReliabilityFirst has a family-focused culture that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Work-life balance is preached and practiced here, and it is truly a friendly culture.”

-Max Reisinger, Senior Counsel

“Thanks to the flexibility offered at RF, my average day starts with a cup of coffee working from the comfort of my home office most days of the week.”

-Lindsey Mannion, Senior Technical Auditor

“I love to participate on cross-functional teams within RF, which allows continual learning as well as contributions to process improvements.”

-Mike Hughes, Entity Engagement Manager

Example roles

To give you a better idea of what it is like to work at ReliabilityFirst, here are some examples of a typical day in the life of some of our roles:

  • Compliance Auditor: As a compliance auditor at ReliabilityFirst, I conduct audits on registered entities (such as utilities or generators) to assess their compliance with reliability standards and regulations. I also provide guidance and assistance to registered entities on how to improve their compliance performance and culture. My typical day involves:
    • Reviewing audit plans, schedules, scopes, or procedures to prepare for upcoming audits.
    • Conducting interviews, observations, document reviews, or tests to collect evidence or verify compliance practices.
    • Documenting audit findings, observations, recommendations, or corrective actions using various tools or systems.
    • Keeping my knowledge and skills up to date on reliability standards, regulations, processes, or tools.
  • Risk Analyst: As a risk analyst at ReliabilityFirst, I identify, assess, monitor, and report on reliability or security risks that may affect the electric grid in our region. I also support risk mitigation strategies and initiatives that aim to enhance the reliability or security performance of registered entities or stakeholders. My typical day involves:
    • Monitoring various sources (such as reports, alerts, news, events) and analyzing data to identify potential reliability or security threats or issues and evaluate their impact or likelihood of reliability or security risks.
    • Developing risk profiles or reports to communicate risk levels or trends using various tools or formats.
    • Providing risk advice or recommendations to registered entities or stakeholders.