Section 1600 Data Requests

In accordance with Section 1600 of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Rules of Procedure, NERC and ReliabilityFirst may request data or information that is necessary to meet its obligations under Section 215 of the Federal Power Act. Under the Performance Analysis program, NERC and ReliabilityFirst currently collect data from registered entities that meet reporting requirements for generation, transmission, protection system operations, and geomagnetic disturbances. Each Section 1600 application has associated data reporting instructions that are available through the Performance Analysis section of NERC’s website.  

Please note that Section 1600 data submittals are completed using specific tools with access managed by NERC staff. Please see the Section 1600 Reporting Requirements Listed by Function chart located on the ERO Enterprise Informational Package guide with more details and contact information on: 

  • Generation Availability Data System (GADS) 
  • Generation Availability Data System Wind (GADS Wind) 
  • Geomagnetic Disturbance Data (GMD) 
  • Misoperations Information Data Analysis System (MIDAS) 
  • Transmission Availability Data System (TADS) 

ReliabilityFirst uses the data collected to monitor risks and trends across the grid, and this data is summarized and reported in NERC’s annual State of Reliability Report.