An integral part of our culture

At ReliabilityFirst, we believe that internships are not only beneficial for the interns, but also for our organization and our industry. Internships are an integral part of our culture, as they align with our vision, mission, and values. We offer internships in various departments and functions, such as engineering, compliance, legal and regulatory affairs, risk assessment, human resources, information technology, communications and external affairs.


“I began working as a data analytics intern my junior year of college. During my internship, I was able to work across departments on a variety of projects using different analytical tools. My projects ranged from creating an interactive heatmap in RStudio displaying state and county data, to writing and running queries using SQL to capture erroneous data, to creating Power BI dashboards for presentations. ​At the start of the second year of my internship, a full time Business Analyst position opened and I was hired for the position after interviewing. Since I was hired before completing my final semester of college, ReliabilityFirst allowed me to work remotely part-time until I received my degree. Throughout my internship and transition to full-time status, ReliabilityFirst allowed me to easily manage my schedule and workload so I could learn as much as I could as an intern while still managing my college courses.”

-Hannah Timony, Business & Configuration Management Analyst, former intern hired full-time


“I knew that the Bulk Power System was very complex and when I got here, I learned it was even more complex. I definitely have a much broader view of how the engineering and power systems world works. I also learned the legal side of the power industry, including how reports are made. I’ve worked on the data extraction and analysis process, including Python coding, with the Engineering & System Performance (ESP) team. I also worked on a data verification project with the Operational Analysis & Awareness (OAA) team, ensuring data, primarily for Bulk Power System events, was successfully migrated from the old database to the new one. From day one I felt extremely welcome by both the ESP team and the OAA team. RF has given me lots of projects to work on. When I’m interested in something, they set time aside and teach it to me. I wanted to learn about transmission planning and one of the ESP engineers took some time to teach me about that.”

-Osman Casey, former Engineering and Data Analytics Intern

How interns add value at ReliabilityFirst

  • Enhancing our talent pipeline: Internships allow us to identify and attract potential future employees who share our passion for ensuring the reliability and security of the electric grid. We provide interns with meaningful work experience, mentoring, and feedback to help them develop their skills and competencies. We also evaluate their performance and in some cases, there are opportunities for interns join our team after graduation.
  • Promoting awareness of our industry: Internships enable us to raise awareness and interest in the electric sector among students and young professionals. We expose interns to the challenges and opportunities facing our industry and educate them about the importance of electric reliability and security for our society.
  • Fostering our innovation and diversity: Internships bring fresh perspectives and ideas to our organization, as interns come from diverse backgrounds, disciplines and experiences. We value their input and creativity, and encourage them to collaborate with our employees and stakeholders. We also support their learning and growth and challenge them to innovate and excel in their projects.

Why you should intern here

  • Job experience: You will gain valuable hands-on experience in your chosen field, working on real projects that contribute to our organizational goals. You will learn about the day-to-day functions of your department and role, as well as the best practices and standards of our industry. You will also have access to various resources and tools that will enhance your knowledge and skills.
  • Research experience: If you are interested in technical fields, such as engineering or cyber security, you will have the opportunity to test the research skills you learned in your college courses in a practical setting and meaningfully contribute to the work we do.
  • Access to a variety of assignments and departments: You will not be limited to a single function or responsibility during your internship. You will have the chance to explore different aspects of our organization and industry by interacting with people from various departments and roles. You will also be invited to attend meetings, events, trainings, and webinars that will broaden your exposure and understanding.
  • Mentorship and networking: You will be assigned a mentor who will guide you throughout your internship, providing you with support, advice, and feedback. You will also be able to network with other interns, employees, managers, and leaders within ReliabilityFirst and beyond. You will build professional relationships that can help you advance your career goals.
  • Personal development: You will develop not only hard skills related to your field of study, but also soft skills that are essential for any leader, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, adaptability, and initiative.

If you are interested in applying for an internship at ReliabilityFirst, please visit our Job Postings page to view current opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you soon!