Event Response & Resilience

About this risk area

The grid is being asked to do more than ever and must be able to bounce back following system events and disturbances, underlining the importance of event response and resilience. System events and disturbances can result from many factors, including environmental (extreme weather), cyber incidents, operational issues (including equipment and people), as well as a failure to sufficiently implement changes necessary for the changing dynamics of the grid (decarbonization, digitization, and decentralization). The capability to respond to events and disturbances and be resilient enough to minimize their impact and recover quickly are critical to the performance of the grid. 

ReliabilityFirst strives to learn from past events to help us mitigate risks and anticipate new risks and challenges to the system. Our Operational Analysis and Awareness team analyzes system events and shares lessons learned through North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) reports and other outreach, such as Technical Talk with RF, our newsletter, and our workshops 

We also offer a host of self-assessment tools for entities to benchmark and improve their resilience to potential operational or cybersecurity events. And if you are a community (municipality, city, village, or township) looking to assess your readiness and preparedness, we would be happy to walk you through a Community Appraisal. 

Explore resources below to assist with event response and resilience.