Planning & Modeling

About this risk area

Planning and modeling closely relates to the changing generation mix and the challenges with planning and modeling a grid with both intermittent resources and inverter-based resources (IBRs). Planners need to know how the grid will respond to faults and different conditions. As a result, planning and modeling has become more critical than ever, especially as load forecasts are increasing and at times, unexpectedly increasing quickly, as distributed energy resources drop offline in the evening hours. 

Planning and modeling is a risk that is often addressed in the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Reliability Standards (specifically TPL, MOD, and FAC standards) with oversight from our audit and enforcement teams. We also address the risk through NERC reliability guidelines, outreach, and committee work. Transmission Planners are welcome and encouraged to participate in our Reliability Committee and Transmission Performance Subcommittee 

Our relevant outputs include our annual Long Term Reliability Assessment and seasonal assessments, which are planning studies highlighting risks to our region. We also participate on collaborative NERC working groups and subcommittees that address the associated risks with planning and modeling, including but not limited to distributed energy resource planning, inverter-based resources, and security integration into planning studies. 

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