Compliance Oversight Plan

The purpose of the Compliance Oversight Plan is to inform ReliabilityFirst staff on where to focus compliance monitoring activities. It identifies areas of risks (Risk Categories), a recommended monitoring interval, and CMEP tools for engagements (Oversight Strategy). The Compliance Oversight Plan also includes an Appendix A and Appendix B.

  • Appendix A includes the Inherent Risk Assessment, in which ReliabilityFirst reviews the potential inherent risks posed by an individual entity to the reliability of the Bulk Power System. ReliabilityFirst considers factors such as Transmission/Generator assets, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Load and other factors unique to the entity.
  • Appendix B incudes a list of standards and requirements associated with identified Risk Categories. This list is not the scope for an audit, rather a data point to assist in informing the scope.

ReliabilityFirst typically schedules and develops Compliance Oversight Plans for each entity based upon the upcoming audit engagement schedule. However, Compliance Oversight Plans may be developed/modified based on other triggers such as changes to inherent risk, changes in entity’s performance or any other changes that may impact the entity’s risk to the Bulk Power System.

If you have any questions about the Compliance Oversight Plan, please reach out to the Risk Analysis & Mitigation department via our Contact Us page.