Addressing Noncompliance

​ReliabilityFirst is responsible for the resolution of all identified noncompliances in our region. Commonly referred to as “enforcement,” this activity focuses on:

  • Understanding the risks surrounding each noncompliance,
  • Ensuring the mitigation of the noncompliance, and
  • Sending the appropriate message to the entity and the broader regulated community (whether deterrent-driven for undesired behavior or incentive-driven for desired behavior).

Noncompliance resolutions range from compliance exceptions for low risk matters to settlement agreements that may include significant monetary penalties and sanctions but also afford a collaborative opportunity to address more serious risk challenges through the implementation of valuable reliability enhancements and sustainable programmatic approaches.

If you have any Enforcement questions, please contact your case manager or visit our Contact Us page, select “Contact a Specific Department” and select “Enforcement” from the dropdown.