The Eastern Interconnection Reliability Assessment Group (ERAG)’s mission is to preserve and enhance the bulk power system reliability of the Eastern Interconnection. In doing so, ERAG is committed to supporting the efforts of and serving as an extension of North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) in its mission as the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) to ensure the reliability of the bulk power system within North America. ERAG’s vision is to be recognized as the trusted and credible technical resource that leads the independent analysis, assessment, and enhancement of bulk power system reliability for the Eastern Interconnection.

To achieve this outcome the President & CEOs of the four Regional Entities within the Eastern Interconnection (ReliabilityFirst, SERC, NPCC and MRO) developed and executed an agreement that governs the inter-regional transmission reliability assessment studies and model building activities within the Eastern Interconnection.

The scope of ERAG’s work includes the following:

  1. Fulfill its obligations under the ERO Enterprise MOD-032 Designation Agreement with NERC
  2. Review periodic reliability assessments and develop its own assessments to identify key reliability issues and the risks and uncertainties affecting adequacy and security of the Bulk Power System in the Eastern Interconnection and the Québec Interconnection
  3. Oversee the Multiregional Modeling Working Group (MMWG)
  4. Oversee the Acceptable Model Working Group (AMWG)


ERAG Roster – September 2023

Eastern Interconnection Regional Entity Agreement

ERAG Strategic Plan 2023-2025

Multiregional Modeling Working Group (MMWG)

The MMWG was formed to coordinate the development of designated power flow and dynamics simulation base case models that simulate steady state and dynamic Bulk Electric System behavior of the Eastern Interconnection.


ERAG Base Case Release Procedure

MMWG Charter – November 9 2020

MMWG Roster – January 2024


Acceptable Model Working Group (AMWG)

The AMWG was established by the ERAG to develop and maintain an Eastern Interconnection acceptable model list and support the maintenance of the NERC dynamic modeling recommendations document. Dynamic models for the Eastern Interconnection will be reviewed, developed, and validated. Acceptable models will be recommended for use in reliability assessments performed using MMWG cases.


ERAG Acceptable Model Working Group Charter

AMWG Roster – January 2024

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