Self Reports & Self Logs


ReliabilityFirst encourages entities to promptly self-report any identified issues to us via the Align system. If a self-reported issue proceeds through the enforcement process, ReliabilityFirst may provide substantial mitigating credit for self-reporting. For instructions on how to submit self-reports using the Align system, refer to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) system training course. 

Additionally, feel free to reach out to your case manager with any questions regarding self-reporting or the enforcement process. To find your case manager, please visit our Contact Uspage and direct your question to the Enforcement group.  



The Self-Logging Program allows registered entities admitted to the program to log instances of noncompliance that pose a minimal risk to the reliability of the Bulk Electric System in lieu of submitting self-reports. The benefits of the program include, without limitation: (a) registered entities receive more experience assessing the risk of noncompliance and understanding the information that the regional entity needs to process noncompliance; (b) registered entities are empowered to monitor their own compliance while focusing on serious risk issues; (c) efficient and streamlined reporting and processing; and (d) there is a rebuttable presumption that logged minimal risk issues will be resolved as Compliance Exceptions.   

In order to realize these benefits, registered entities need to seek entry into the program. ReliabilityFirst will consider an entity’s request to participate in the program based on the eligibility criteria described in the application, including a review of information relating to a registered entity’s processes to identify, assess, and correct noncompliance. ReliabilityFirst will continue to work with registered entities admitted to the program to ensure expectations are met. 

Application to participate in the program

If you have questions about the requirements, process, or benefits of the program, please contact your case manager or visit our Contact Us page, select “Contact a Specific Department” and select “Enforcement” from the dropdown.