CIP Technical Feasibility Exception (TFE) - Reference Guide

CIP Technical Feasibility Exception (TFE)

Technical Feasibility Exceptions are currently available for twelve of the CIP requirements:

  1. CIP-005-5, Requirement R1, Part 1.4
  2. CIP-005-5, Requirement R2, Part 2.1
  3. CIP-005-5, Requirement R2, Part 2.2
  4. CIP-005-5, Requirement R2, Part 2.3
  5. CIP-006-6, Requirement R1, Part 1.3
  6. CIP-007-6, Requirement R1, Part 1.1
  7. CIP-007-6, Requirement R4, Part 4.3
  8. CIP-007-6, Requirement R5, Part 5.1
  9. CIP-007-6, Requirement R5, Part 5.6
  10. CIP-007-6, Requirement R5, Part 5.7
  11. CIP-010-2, Requirement R1, Part 1.5
  12. CIP-010-2, Requirement R3, Part 3.2

When entering a TFE for the CIP Version 5 Standards, an entity has the option to enter BES Cyber Assets (BCAs) or a BES Cyber System (BCS) that has a number of TFE eligible BCAs associated with it. A Protected Cyber Asset (PCA), Electronic Access Control or Monitoring System (EACM), or Physical Access Control System (PACS) Covered Asset should be entered individually since they cannot be part of a BCS.

Align is used by the Registered Entity to submit requests for TFEs to ReliabilityFirst.

If you have any questions regarding the CIP Standards or the TFE process, feel free to Contact Us reaching out to our Compliance or Entity Engagement departments.


TFE Documents 

  1. Appendix 4D to The Rules of Procedure
  2. Material Change Report Template
  3. ReliabilityFirst Changes for V3 TFEs Not Applicable Under V5


Other Helpful CIP Resources

These files provide additional help and support for CIP Compliance.

  1. Application Risk Based CMEP Concepts to CIPV5
  2. CIP V3-V5 Transition Guidance