Cyber Resilience Assessment Tool (CRAT)

Benchmark your cyber resilience posture

Do you have questions on cyber resilience? Or do you have a robust program in place but are unsure of its operational resilience? ReliabilityFirst’s Cyber Resilience Assessment Tool (CRAT) is a qualitative self-assessment tool that allows entities to evaluate and benchmark their cyber resilience posture, as well as measure effectiveness. The tool will characterize the operational resilience of an entity’s Bulk Power System (BPS) infrastructure in the presence of cyber attacks. The assessment output is an extensive report that will give BPS operators the ability to identify areas of improvement through deeper insights into components and processes that impact cyber resilience.

Entities can register for the CRAT system with a username and password and access a series of questions related to their organization’s operational resilience. Read the descriptions and submit your answers in the secured software to evaluate and benchmark your entity’s cyber resilience posture.

Following the self-guided, automatically-generated assessment, work with the Entity Engagement department’s Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) subject matter experts to review and evaluate your results and plan necessary upgrades and updates. Understanding your entity’s cyber resilience posture will help ensure an effective program.

To learn more or request access to CRAT, please visit our Contact Us page and reach out to the Entity Engagement department.