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 Guidance on CIP Standards


This section is intended to provide additional guidance on Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Standards. Sources for this additional information are from NERC, FERC, and Regional Entities.


ReliabilityFirst recommends that each of our Registered Entities review this guidance, so that you can determine how this implementation of the CIP Standards will affect each of your organizations.


 CIP Document Library

Application Risk Based CMEP Concepts to CIPV5.pdfApplication Risk Based CMEP Concepts to CIPV5
CIP Version 5 Evidence Request (Attachment C) User Guide.pdfCIP Version 5 Evidence Request (Attachment C) User Guide
CIP Version 5 Evidence Request_RF5 (Attachment C).xlsxCIP Version 5 Evidence Request_RF5 (Attachment C)

 Technical Feasibility Exception

Technical Feasibility Exception Procedure -

Technical Feasibility Exceptions (TFEs) are currently available for fourteen of the CIP Requirements. Appendix 4D, from the NERC Rules of Procedure and listed below, outlines the procedure for requesting TFEs and establishes the timetable for review and approval by ReliabilityFirst.
The ReliabilityFirst Compliance Data Management System (webCDMS) is used by the Registered Entity to submit requests for TFE’s to ReliabilityFirst.
To learn more about the complete NERC TFE procedure and supporting detail, please refer to the following documents below.





 TFE Document Library

Material Change Report Template.xlsx
ReliabilityFirst Changes for V3 TFEs Not Applicable Under V5.pdf
webCDMS Updates Webinar 12-10-2014.pdf