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 Organization Registration

The ReliabilityFirst Organization Registration procedure explains the registration process for Entities and Joint Registration Organizations. Organizations listed on the registry will be responsible for knowing the content of and complying with the NERC and ReliabilityFirst Reliability Standards. Organizations listed in the registry are not, nor do they become, members of NERC or ReliabilityFirst by virtue of being listed in the compliance registry.

NERC has delegated the implementation of the registration process to ReliabilityFirst for those entities located within the ReliabilityFirst footprint. The Organization Registration process is conducted in accordance with the Delegation Agreement between NERC and ReliabilityFirst. All bulk power system owners, operators, and users in the ReliabilityFirst region are required to register with NERC. All Registration Forms (New and Revision) received are reviewed by ReliabilityFirst.

Statement of Compliance Registry Criteria can be found in the NERC Rules of Procedure Appendix 5B.


Organization Registration Entity Listing.pdf
Organization Registration Procedure.pdf
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