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MOD-024-RFC-01.1 Modified Violation Severity Levels

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The ReliabilityFirst MOD-024-RFC-01.1 Modified Violation Severity Levels (VSLs) had PASSED the 15-Day Category Ballot  (August 25, 2011 thru September 8, 2011). 


Background and Additional Information:

ReliabilityFirst had submitted its Board of Director approved MOD-024-RFC-01.1standard to NERC for their endorsement and Board of Trustee Approval.  Though NERC Staff review, a number of recommendations were provided with the understanding that the standard cannot be modified since it is already ReliabilityFirst Board approved.  Also through the review, a number of issues were identified with respect to the Violation Severity Levels (VSLs).   The issues revolved around the VSLs being inconsistent with the NERC/FERC VSL guidelines.  NERC Staff indicated that they are no longer submitting standards which contain VSLs which are inconsistent with the NERC/FERC VSL guidelines

Moving forward, it was noted that FERC ruled in 123 FERC ¶ 61,284, Docket No. RR08-4-000, Order On Violation Severity Levels Proposed By The Electric Reliability Organization (issued June 19, 2008) that VSLs are not part of reliability standards.  This was accepted by the NERC Board of Trustees at its February 10th, 2009 meeting without challenge.  Based on this ruling, the ReliabilityFirst Standards Committee developed an action plan which consists of responding to NERC staff concerns, modifying only the VSLs based on the NERC and the FERC VSL guidelines, posting the modified VSLs for a comment period, posting the modified VSLs for a 15-Day Category Ballot followed by Standards Committee recommendation for Board concurrence.  Once again, the posting for comment and Category Ballot is confined strictly to the revision of the VSLs.  The Board approved MOD-024-RFC-01.1 standard is not the subject of this revision.

Posted Document Supporting Documents Industry Comments Ballot  Comments
Modified MOD-024-RFC-01.1 VSLs


  Posted for 15-Day Category Ballot. 08/25/11 thru 09/08/11.
Modified MOD-024-RFC-01.1 VSLs


    Posted for 15-Days prior to Category Ballot. 08/10/11 thru 08/24/11. (Ballot Pool closes on 08/16/11)
Modified MOD-024-RFC-01.1 VSLs
  • 06/22/11 thru 07/21/11
  The modified  MOD-024-RFC-01.1 VSLs are currently posted for a 30-day industry comment period. 06/22/11 thru 07/21/11.