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EOP-007-RFC-01 Five Year Review Stakeholder Comment Period


The ReliabilityFirst System Restoration Plans (EOP-007-RFC-01) standard is posted for the required five year review, 10-day Comment Period - December 7th, 2010 through December 16th, 2010 (Extended through December 17th, 2010).  Per the ReliabilityFirst Reliability Standards Development Procedure (Maintenance of Regional Reliability Standards section), the Standards Committee shall ensure that each Standard be reviewed at least once every five years from the effective date of the Standard (EOP-007-RFC-01 having an effective date of January 1st, 2006).  The review process shall be conducted by soliciting comments from the stakeholders.  If, through the 10-Day stakeholder comment period, no changes are warranted, the Standards Committee shall recommend to the ReliabilityFirst Board that the Standard be reaffirmed. If the review indicates a need to revise or delete the standard, a SAR shall be prepared and submitted in accordance with the standards development process contained in ReliabilityFirst Reliability Standards Development Procedure. 

Background and Additional Information:

The ReliabilityFirst System Restoration Plans (EOP-007-RFC-01) standard was developed for “Day 1” operations of ReliabilityFirst with the purpose of providing requirements for a system restoration plan including various aspects of blackstart capability. The standard provided enhancements to then in effect NERC standards EOP-005-0, System Restoration Plans, EOP-007-0, Regional Blackstart Capability Plan, and EOP-009-0, Blackstart Test Results. The standard also provided requirements for blackstart simulation and switching.

Currently, there is a NERC Board approved standard (EOP-005-2 — System Restoration Plans) which is presently filed with the FERC for approval.  The NERC EOP-005-2 standard covers a number of requirements which were previous covered in the old NERC EOP-005-1, EOP-007-0 and EOP-009-0 standards.  This NERC effort involved upgrading the overall quality of the standards, eliminating some gaps in the requirements, eliminating some ambiguity, and eliminating some “fill-in-the-blank” components.   With the new EOP-005-2 standard being adopted by the NERC Board, a mapping document has been prepared to compare the ReliabilityFirst EOP-007-RFC-01 standard with the NERC approved EOP-005-2 standard.

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  • 12/07/10 thru 12/16/10

Comments & Summary of Responses

The EOP-007-RFC-01standard is currently posted for a 10 day industry comment period. 12/07/10 thru 12/16/10 (Extended through 12/17/10).