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To request a roster for any of the groups or to make a change, please contact Joyce Lemmon at

In the ReliabilityFirst region, the review of Special Protection Systems is a joint responsibility of the Transmission Performance Subcommittee (TPS) and Protection Subcommittee (PS). The TPS and PS have delegated this responsibility to a review team consisting of three members designated by each group. The ReliabilityFirst SPS review procedure is available on this page. Bill Crossland ( is the facilitator for this team.

Beginning December 1, 2014, and retroactive to July 2014, the regional procedure to collect SPS/RAS opertation or misoperation data has been revised.  Quarterly reporting of SPS operations and misoperations is required using the form on this page.  If an SPS owner experienced no operations and misoperations of an SPS, then a note to that effect needs to be submitted.  This is deemed to be a temporary data reporting requirement, as development of Project 2010-05.2 Special Protection Systems - Phase 2 of Protection Systems is targed for a late 2015 filing with FERC, with implementation expected in 2017.



Final SPS Reporting Template.xlsxFinal SPS Reporting Template
ReliabilityFirst Procedure for the Review of Special Protection Systems (SPS).pdfReliabilityFirst Procedure for the Review of Special Protection Systems (SPS)

 SPS Informational Submittal

Complete the following fields to submit SPS information to be used in a review of a new or modified SPS or a periodic review of an existing SPS.  Please contact the ReliabilityFirst office if an expedited review is being requested.
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