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2018 Ops and Planning Audit Schedule.pdf
2018 CIP Audit Schedule.pdf
01 - January 2018 Compliance Program Update.pdf
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 Spot Checks

The Spot Check is another integral tool used by ReliabilityFirst to monitor compliance. Entities registered with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) are subject to Spot Check audits for compliance with the NERC Reliability Standards that apply to the functions for which the entity is registered.

Spot checking may be initiated by ReliabilityFirst at any time to verify or confirm Self-Certifications, Self Reporting, and Periodic Data Submittals. Spot Checks may be conducted randomly, or initiated in response to events, as described in the Reliability Standards, or by operating problems, or system events. During a Spot-Check, ReliabilityFirst may ask for a data submittal, visit the entity’s site for an audit or observation, conduct an off-site audit, or begin a compliance investigation. ReliabilityFirst then reviews the information submitted to verify the Registered Entity’s compliance with the Reliability Standard.