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 Self Certification


Self-Certification Submittals

Registered Entities within the ReliabilityFirst region, performing applicable functions as listed in the Reliability Standards, are required to Self-Certify to the applicable Reliability Standards in the ReliabilityFirst CMEP Implementation Plan.


A Registered Entity must indicate 1) Compliance; 2) Non-Compliance including a Violation Severity Level; 3) Non Applicability or 4)Do Not Own to a standard and the applicable requirement(s) based on the entity’s registered functions.

Self-Certifications are to be submitted using the ReliabilityFirst webCDMS system.  Self-certifications by mail or fax are not accepted.




Self-Certification Reporting Periods

The following definition of "Reporting Period" applies for all self-certifications:

"ReliabilityFirst is defining the "Reporting Period" for Self-Certifications as being the 12 months prior to the certification date of that submittal."

To review the complete definition and supporting detail, please refer to the ReliabilityFirst Self-Certification Guidelines document listed below.





Monthly Compliance Program (CMEP) Updates

Each month, ReliabiltyFirst publishes a Compliance Program Update letter that is e-mailed directly to all Compliance Contacts (Primary and Alternate Compliance Contacts) listed in webCDMS. Attached to the monthly Compliance Program Update Letter is a current, up-to date Compliance Monitoring Schedule that provides pertinent and timely information relative to upcoming compliance submittals.  Please refer to the following link to view the Compliance Program Update.



If you have any questions regarding upcoming compliance submittals, please contact Bob Folt at 330.247.3087.






ReliabilityFirst Self-Certification Guidelines.pdf
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