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 Periodic Data Submittals

ReliabilityFirst requires, from time to time, that Registered Entities provide Periodic Data Submittals in accordance with the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) and the ReliabilityFirst Compliance Monitoring Schedule. Periodic Data Submittals may also be required on an as-needed basis to determine compliance, by NERC or ReliabilityFirst to support the reliability of the Bulk Electric System.
Periodic Data submittal forms are typically used to submit data via webCDMS. These forms are available to the Registered Entity for download in webCDMS. The PDS forms must first be downloaded by the Registered Entity and completed. Then, the form is uploaded/ attached to the appropriate webCDMS data submittal, and transmitted to ReliabilityFirst via the webCDMS. There may be additional required PDS that are not be submitted via webCDMS and require alternative methods of submittal. Any alternative method to be used to submit data for a specified PDS, outside of webCDMS, will be indicated in the formal Request for Data Submittal sent to the Registered Entities.
ReliabilityFirst issues an annual Compliance Monitoring Schedule (CMS) that provides the Registered Entities with a comprehensive schedule of the Periodic Data Submittals and their Due Dates. In conjunction with the CMS, ReliabilityFirst publishes a monthly Compliance Program Update Letter, via e-mail, which lists all of the upcoming compliance submittals due in the current and following month of the compliance year. These monthly update letters serve as reminders to the functional entities to submit timely Periodic Data Submittals to the Reliability Standard(s) and Requirements applicable to the entity based on their functional registration. The most current version of the Compliance Monitoring Schedule is always attached to the monthly Compliance Program Update Letter and available on our Schedules page.