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2018 Ops and Planning Audit Schedule.pdf2018 Ops and Planning Audit Schedule
2018 CIP Audit Schedule.pdf2018 CIP Audit Schedule
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2017 CIP Audit Schedule.pdf2017 CIP Audit Schedule
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 Guidance on OP_PLAN Standards

This section is intended to provide additional guidance on Operations and Planning Standards. Sources for this additional information are from NERC, FERC and Regional Entities.

The information in this listing of documents should be considered relating to compliance of all Operations and Planning Standards. In addition, ReliabilityFirst recommends that each Registered Entity visits the FERC and NERC websites for additional information.

ReliabilityFirst recommends that each of our Registered Entities review this guidance as soon as possible to assist in their implementation and compliance to the Operations and Planning Standards applicable to them.


 OP_PLAN Sampling Documents

Attachment C-693 - Example.xlsmAttachment C-693 - Example
Data Sampling Table.pdfData Sampling Table

 PRC Reference

This PRC-005-6 implementation table is a one page reference that illustrates the PRC-005-2/6 applicable protection system components, maintenance and testing intervals, the dates mandatory compliance begins as well as any percent compliant where applicable. This document is provided as informational only. Please refer to the NERC Reliability Standard and Implementation Plan for complete details.    

PRC-005-6 Implementation Table.pdf