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 Misoperation Reporting


Protection System Misoperation Reporting


In this section you will find information about Protection System, SPS, & UVLS Misoperations and how to report them to ReliabilityFirst.

NERC has written a number of Reliability Standards that relate to the analysis and reporting of relay system misoperations. Accordingly, ReliabilityFirst has written procedures that define the processes that users, owners, and operators of the Bulk Electric System use to report Protection System, Special Protection System (SPS), and Under-Voltage Load Shedding (UVLS) system Misoperations. This procedural document was prepared by the ReliabilityFirst Engineering and Compliance staff with input from the Protection Subcommittee.

The Procedure for Reporting, Review, and Analysis of Protection System, Special Protection System (SPS), and Under Voltage Load Shedding (UVLS) Misoperations document contains the regional procedure for reporting Misoperations that are referenced in the following NERC standards:



  • PRC-004 — Analysis and Mitigation of Transmission and Generation Protection System Misoperations
  • PRC-016 — Special Protection System Misoperations
  • PRC-022 — Under-Voltage Load Shedding Program Performance

ReliabilityFirst uses two (2) different forms to collect Misoperations data from the Registered Entities via webCDMS. The Misoperations Summary Forms are used to report the total number of relay system Misoperations that occurred during the quarterly reporting period. The Appendix A-Misoperations Reporting Form is used by the Entity to provide the region with specific detailed information pertaining to one or more Misoperations that occurred during the reporting period. Both forms are uploaded to webCDMS and attached to appropriately named data submittal (by Reliability Standard) and transmitted to ReliabilityFirst. Additional instructions concerning how to submit Misoperations in webCDMS can be found in one or more of the other documents listed below.

Protection System Operations Reporting


In this section, you will find information about Protection System Operations and instructions how to report them to ReliabilityFirst using CDMS.


In an effort to measure the overall Protection System performance, the ERO-RAPA group worked with NERC-SPCS to define and gather aggregate counts of Protection System operations. The Protection System operations will be collected by voltage class and submitted to ReliabilityFirst via the CDMS system. By collecting aggregated count totals, the Regional Entities and NERC will be able to normalize Misoperation statistics on a consistent basis while minimizing additional burden to Registered Entities.


This initiative was endorsed by the NERC Planning Committee in June 2012. The ERO-RAPA Group then conducted a NERC-wide webinar on August 16, 2012 informing the industry regarding these changes.  At ReliabilityFirst, these upcoming changes were discussed at the Protection Subcommittee meetings on October 30, 2012 and December 5, 2012. ReliabilityFirst began collecting Protection System operations for the fourth quarter of 2012. Protection System operations will be submitted via CDMS and going forward, these Requests for Data Submittal will be distributed and timed in conjunction with the submittal of Misoperations data for PRC-004, and PRC-016 Reliability Standards.


Registered Entities are to tabulate the Protection System operations that occurred during the reporting period (applicable quarter) and report the results by voltage class using the Protection Systems Operations Summary Form located in the CDMS Document Download section. This form is a spreadsheet broken down by voltage class. Additionally, the definition of protection system operation and some examples are provided on the form for your reference and guidance.


Once the data is compiled, download the Protection Systems Operations Summary Form from CDMS to your desktop, and fill out the required fields by entering the number of Protection System operations into the appropriate voltage class fields. Save your data entries.

CDMS Instructions:
  • From the CDMS Document Download section, open the Protection System Operations - Quartely data submittal.
  • Fill in the data for the required fields and upload the completed Protection Systems Operations Summary Form to CDMS, and save the data submittal.
  • Review the data for accuracy and SUBMIT the data submittal when you are satisfied the data is complete.
  • Once the data submittal is submitted, you cannot edit the submittal or make any further changes to your data.
  • Submit the data submittals as soon as possible, but no later than the due date for the data submittal.
  • A copy of the Protection Systems Operations Summary Form is listed below. A working copy of this form is also found in the Document Download section of the CDMS system.


Misoperation Procedure.pdf
Appendix A - Misoperations Reporting Form.xls
Instructions for Submitting Misoperations Data Submittals via CDMS.pdf
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