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 Guided Self-Certification


A Guided Self-Certification is a monitoring method whereby a Registered Entity completes a self-assessment of its compliance with applicable Standards and Requirements. Guided Self-Certifications break each Requirement into individual Audit Approaches/Tests, to ensure compliance with the entire Requirement. The Audit Approaches/Tests may focus on controls or associated reliability risks. The completion of the Guided Self-Certification includes the submission of substantiating evidence validating that the Registered Entity is compliant.


The Registered Entity will complete the Guided Self-Certification by answering the questions (Audit Approaches/Tests) provided by ReliabilityFirst. These questions address compliance and reliability concerns associated with the Requirements in scope. The completion of a Guided Self-Certification provides the Registered Entity an opportunity to demonstrate its appreciation of the risks identified in the Requirement and to expound on how it achieves compliance. ReliabilityFirst will review the responses and the evidence provided, to ensure that the risk to the Bulk Electric System has been addressed, and to ensure the Registered Entity is compliant with the Requirement. ReliabilityFirst will also provide possible process improvements and guidance to the Registered Entity, when appropriate.




Guided Self-Certification Guide for Registered Entities.pdf
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