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2018 Ops and Planning Audit Schedule.pdf
2018 CIP Audit Schedule.pdf
01 - January 2018 Compliance Program Update.pdf
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 Submittal and Support Emails To send general compliance related requests for information, to report a Complaint, submit a new or revised Organization Registration Form, and/or submit data submittals that are not otherwise submitted via the Portal, (i.e. 48 hour vegetation related Outage Reports). The name of the Registered Entity and a brief description of the request or information provided should appear in the Subject Line of the email. For Data Submittals requested by the Engineering Department, submit data as specified in each Request for Data Submittal. To report system disturbances as outlined in the ReliabilityFirst Disturbance Reporting and Events Analysis Procedure and other urgent system operating events directly to ReliabilityFirst. For incidents or disturbances requiring the completion of Form OE-417, Emergency Incident and Disturbance Reports, the completed Form OE-417 should accompany the submittal as required.  To contact the ReliabilityFirst webCDMS Support Team with user requests for technical support and/or assistance, questions, comments, or suggestions concerning the ReliabilityFirst webCDMS compliance portal or public web site.