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 Compliance Investigations

A Compliance Investigation (CI) may be initiated at any time by ReliabilityFirst, NERC, FERC or another applicable Governmental Authority in response to a system disturbance, complaint, or possible violation of a Reliability Standard identified by any other means.

For events that occur within the ReliabilityFirst footprint, Compliance Investigations (CI) will generally be led by ReliabilityFirst’s compliance staff. If an event crosses a regional boundary, the investigation will normally be lead by NERC Staff.

Compliance Investigations are non-public confidential processes; however, a Compliance Investigation may become public if FERC directs that a CI should be public or that certain information obtained in the CI should be publicly disclosed. Possible Violations resulting from a CI are processed using the normal process found in the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) and will be made public once that process is complete.