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Either NERC or ReliabilityFirst may receive Complaints alleging violations of a Reliability Standard. ReliabilityFirst will conduct a thorough review of each Complaint it receives to determine if the Complaint provides sufficient basis for a further monitoring process to be implemented. NERC will review any Complaint (1) that is related to ReliabilityFirst or its affiliates, divisions, committees or subordinate structures, (2) where ReliabilityFirst determines it cannot conduct the review, or (3) if the complainant wishes to remain anonymous or specifically requests NERC to conduct the review of the Complaint.

If the Complaint is submitted to NERC, NERC will forward the information to ReliabilityFirst, as appropriate.

All anonymous Complaints will be reviewed and any resulting Compliance monitoring activity taken by ReliabilityFirst and or NERC will be conducted in accordance with the Anonymous Complaints section of this procedure to prevent disclosure of the identity of the complainant.



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