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2018 Ops and Planning Audit Schedule.pdf2018 Ops and Planning Audit Schedule
2018 CIP Audit Schedule.pdf2018 CIP Audit Schedule
2017 Ops and Planning Audit Schedule.pdf2017 Ops and Planning Audit Schedule
2017 CIP Audit Schedule.pdf2017 CIP Audit Schedule
11 - November 2017 Compliance Program Update.pdf11 - November 2017 Compliance Program Update
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 CMEP Implementation Plans


Under Section 215(c) of the Federal Power Act to establish and enforce Reliability Standards for the Bulk Power System (BPS), subject to review by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) (United States) and in the general accordance with the “Principles for an Electric Reliability Organization that can Function on an International Basis”, the NERC Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) is designed to improve reliability through the effective and efficient enforcement of Reliability Standards.


To help fulfill its responsibilities under its rules filed with regulatory authorities, NERC, as the international Electric Reliability Organization (ERO), formed under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, delegates the authority to monitor and enforce compliance with Reliability Standards of owners, operators, and users of the bulk power system, to qualified Regional Entities.


ReliabilityFirst Corporation (ReliabilityFirst) is one of eight Regional Entities (REs) who has executed a delegation agreement with NERC, and the delegation agreement has been approved by the appropriate regulatory authorities. ReliabilityFirst, with NERC’s oversight, is responsible for carrying out the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program within our respective region. To accomplish that objective, ReliabilityFirst is required to submit to NERC annually, for approval, its regional CMEP implementation plan.

Beginning in 2014, the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) Implementation Plan (ERO CMEP Implementation Plan) became a single, consolidated plan for the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and the eight REs (which together comprise the ERO Enterprise). The new ERO CMEP Implementation Plan streamlines content areas, eliminates redundant information, increases transparency of CMEP activities, and promotes consistency among the REs’ Implementation Plans. The ERO CMEP Implementation Plan also aligns with the Reliability Assurance Initiative (RAI) and supports efforts toward a risk-based approach to compliance monitoring.  The ERO CMEP Implementation Plan, which includes the ReliabilityFirst annual CMEP Implementation Plan (i.e. Appendix A4), can be found on the NERC Website Compliance and Enforcement page under the links to Compliance Resource Documents and “Resources”, or by using the following link to the ERO CMEP Implementation Plan.




2012 ReliabilityFirst Implementation Plan.pdf2012 ReliabilityFirst Implementation Plan
2013 ReliabilityFirst Implementation Plan.pdf2013 ReliabilityFirst Implementation Plan
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