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2018 Ops and Planning Audit Schedule.pdf
2018 CIP Audit Schedule.pdf
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 Compliance Audit


Auditing is one of the primary tools used by ReliabilityFirst to monitor compliance. Entities registered with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) are subject to audit for compliance with the NERC Reliability Standards that apply to the functions for which the entity is registered.

ReliabilityFirst performs comprehensive Compliance Audits as required by the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) and NERC Rules of Procedure (ROP) that are based on the criteria established by NERC.

Audits for larger registered entities with extensive functional registration are conducted on-site at the audited entity’s location. Other entities with a narrower scope of functional registration may have their audits conducted off-site by ReliabilityFirst using the information provided by the entity.

ReliabilityFirst auditors abide by the NERC Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest provisions, respect confidentiality, and have completed NERC auditor training prior to participation in audits. Please refer to the ReliabilityFirst Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) for additional information concerning the steps ReliabilityFirst takes in conducting compliance audits and issuing the audit reports.



 Regional Criteria

ReliabilityFirst has received inquiries regarding auditing and the potential enforcement of Regional Criteria and fill-in-the-blank Reliability Standards that reference Regional Criteria. In an effort to provide clarity, ReliabilityFirst provides the below statement to confirm that it will not audit or enforce Regional Criteria separately or in connection with a fill-in-the-blank Reliability Standard.

 Compliance Audit Documents

Engagement Coordination Presentation.pdfEngagement Coordination Presentation
MK Communication Procedure for Registered Entities.pdfMK Communication Procedure for Registered Entities
ReliabilityFirst Compliance Monitoring Engagement Guidelines.pdfReliabilityFirst Compliance Monitoring Engagement Guidelines


MKinsight Communication Instructional Video for Registered Entities