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 Training & Education

ReliabilityFirst’s primary mission is to ensure reliable operation of the Bulk Power System within the ReliabilityFirst geographic footprint. ReliabilityFirst’s training staff works closely with the appropriate ReliabilityFirst staff subject matter experts, ReliabilityFirst committees, and training staff from NERC and the other seven Regional Entities to facilitate the development of effective technical personnel training programs for ReliabilityFirst members and staff. Training is offered in the form of seminars, webinars, workshops, and lessons learned.


There are currently no upcoming events.
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 Training Materials

2014 - 2016 Plant Winterization Best Practices.pdf
RF Generator Workshop - GADS.pdf
RF Generator Workshop - 2014 - 2016 Plant Winterization Best Practices RF-TRE.pdf
RF Generator Workshop - Network Security for Industrial Control Systems.pdf
RF generator workshop - Oct 19 2016 - agenda.pdf
RF Workshop Generation_Survey_Blalock 101916.pdf
RF Generator Workshop - Oct 19 2016 - summer plant prep.pdf
RF Generator Workshop - Oct 19 2016 - intro and debrief.pdf
RF PS training for substation workers - Aug 2016.pdf