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 2016 Spring CIPv5 Workshop

2016 Spring CIPv5 Workshop: Day 1
Recap of FERC Order 822 – Updates on CIP V5 Effective Dates and CIP V5 Implementation Plan - Ray Sefchik CIP Violation Data Trends and Themes - Deandra Williams-Lewis
CIP Violation Data Trends and Themes con’t - Patrick O’Connor

Southern Indiana Gas & Electric (SIGE/Vectren) - CIP V5 Program Presentation - Erica Esche/Vectren

Impromtu Discussion on Tools: Mikhail Falkovich - PSE&G, Steve Karolek - We Energies, and Brian Gardiner - Hoosier Energy Technical Presentation – Methods for detecting known or suspected malicious communications - Scott Pelfrey
Technical Presentation – Logical Ports and Services - Dave Sopata Physical Security Outreach - CIP-006-6 Security Controls for new BES Assets - Mike Ketchens
Review of the 2016 CIP Self-Certifications for CIP-002-5.1 & CIP-014-2 - Ray Sefchik


2016 Spring CIPv5 Workshop: Day 2

FirstEnergy – CIP Version 5 Program Presentation - Peter Buerling CIP V5 Low Impact update and Compliance Directives - Scott Mix
Use of the ERO’s new CIP Version 5 (revised) Evidence Request - Felek Abbas & Lew Folkerth