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Full Training - Estimating Risk Uncertainties Implementation: Workshop attendees will learn how to quantify their uncertainty about risks using well accepted practices.


A more detailed workshop than the Estimating Risk Uncertainties Overview geared towards training attendees to successfully implement risk uncertainty estimation.


4-hour Workshop


Learning Objectives:

  • Workshop attendees
    • will understand the process by which ReliabilityFirst Subject Matter Experts become more accurate in quantitatively describing their level of uncertainty about a given risk
    • will learn to implement the skill of describing their uncertainty quantitatively through a series of practice exercises


Who should attend:

  • Any entity wishing to have a more detailed understanding of how ReliabilityFirst determines risk than the Overview Workshop provides
  • Any entity wishing to actually implement ReliabilityFirst’s Risk Harm process, or use an adaptation of the process internally
  • This is a prerequisite to the Risk Harm Assessment Implementation Workshop, described below




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