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​FULL TRAINING - Risk Harm Assessment Implementation: Workshop attendees will become proficient in the use of ReliabilityFirst’s Risk Harm Process through a series of exercises ranking risks common in the power industry.


NOTE: THE WORKSHOP “Estimating Risk Uncertainties Implementation” IS A PREREQUISITE FOR THIS OFFERING


A more detailed workshop than the Risk Harm Assessment Overview geared towards training attendees to successfully implement a risk harm assessment process


Learning Objectives:

  • Workshop attendees
    • will understand the process by which ReliabilityFirst assesses the Risk and Harm of a noncompliance with a NERC Reliability Standard
    • will learn to articulate bases for risk determinations using a set of example prompt questions
    • will learn how to use quantitative scales for making risk harm determinations
    • will learn how ReliabilityFirst’s Risk Harm tool works by participating in three case studies


Who Should Attend:

  • Any entity wishing to implement ReliabilityFirst’s Risk Harm Assessment process, or use an adaptation of the process internally
  • Any entity who has participated in the Estimating Risk Uncertainties Workshop




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