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Spot Check

​The Spot Check is a tool used by ReliabilityFirst to monitor compliance and ensure reliability. 

  • Spot Checks are risk-based and initiated as part of an entity's Compliance Oversight Plan, or in response to events or operating problems.
  • Spot Checks may be also initiated at any time to verify or confirm Self-Certifications, Self-Reports, Settlement Agreements, Mitigation Plan Verification and Periodic Data Submittals.
  • During a Spot Check, ReliabilityFirst may ask for a data submittal or visit the entity's site for an audit or observation.  ReliabilityFirst will review the information submitted to verify the Registered Entity's compliance with the Reliability Standard.

ReliabilityFirst uses MKInsight to securely collaborate and exchange information with entities during Spot Checks. Refer to the Tools and Portals page for more information on using MKInsight.

If you have any questions regarding Spot Checks, please visit our Contact Us page and direct your question to the Compliance group.




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