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Small LSE Sector - Term Expires 2020

Susan Sosbe is the Compliance Manager with Wabash Valley Power Association (WVPA). She is in her ninth year after joining the organization as the NERC Compliance Coordinator. After six months, Susan was promoted to Compliance Manager with overall responsibility for NERC Compliance for WVPA, JRO Member Cooperatives, and Holland Energy, LLC, Safety, and Insurance (for WVPA and Holland Energy, LLC). She has built successful Compliance Programs for both companies. Committed to risk management, Susan is a core team member of the WVPA Internal Risk Committee. Susan reports to the Executive Vice President of Transmission and Regulatory Affairs, who reports to the CEO.


Prior to joining WVPA, Susan was the Director, EHS and Kaizen (lean manufacturing) for Aearo Company. Under her leadership, Aearo showed tremendous improvement in Safety performance and held numerous World Class Kaizen events, resulting in improvements in manufacturing practices, productivity, and Safety. Kaizen saved the company millions of dollars.


Susan graduated from Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and a double minor in Management and Marketing. WVPA is a member of Reliability First and Susan has served on the RF Standards Committee and is currently a WVPA representative on the RF Reliability Committee.