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Supplier Sector - Term Expires 2018

Lou Oberski is Managing Director, Electric Market Policy and NERC Compliance for Dominion Resources Services, Inc. He is responsible for administration of all aspects of Dominion’s corporate NERC compliance assurance programs and oversees Dominion’s involvement at NERC and its sub-regions as well as FERC and RTO policy coordination for Dominion at PJM, ISO-New England and the Midwest ISO. Prior to his current position, his career at Dominion covered increasing management responsibilities in transmission engineering, operations, planning and maintenance. The most recent 10 years have focused on developing, establishing and coordinating NERC and RTO policy at Dominion with a particular emphasis on generation supplier policy at NERC and RTOs.

Mr. Oberski is a member of the North American Energy Standards Board, Board of Directors and past chair of its Executive Committee. He is also a member of EEI’s Reliability Executive Advisory Committee and an Alternate on the SERC Board of Directors.

Mr. Oberski has been employed by Dominion for over 26 years and holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Western Michigan University.