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On April 19, 2007, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission officially approved the Regional Delegation Agreement (RDA) between ReliabilityFirst and NERC. This formally established ReliabilityFirst as a Regional Entity under NERC as the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO). Since that time ReliabilityFirst, along with NERC and the other seven Regional Entities, has been refining and improving the RDA to address Commission directives and respond to input received from the industry.


 ERO Documents

Summary of Reliability Legislation - 20050808.pdfSummary of Reliability Legislation - 20050808
HR6 Electricity Title.pdfHR6 Electricity Title
NERC Penalties Sanctions.pdfNERC Penalties Sanctions
Final Rule Reliability Order 672.pdfFinal Rule Reliability Order 672
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 Regional Delegation Agreement

collapse Regional Delegation Agreement : Current ‎(1)
RF Regional Delegation Agmt.pdfRF Regional Delegation Agmt
collapse Regional Delegation Agreement : None ‎(1)
RF Rules Governing Conduct for the Annual Meeting of the Members.pdfRF Rules Governing Conduct for the Annual Meeting of the Members
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