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Reliability Assessment & Performance Analysis (RAPA) Department


This position is located in Cleveland/Independence, OH


The primary purpose of your job position is to gather, review, and analyze information with regard to the BES (Bulk Electrical System) for use in reliability assessments, studies, and reports.

Job Responsibilities:
• Collect industry related data, and analyze that data with technical subject matter expertise from the RAPA engineers.
• Produce misoperation charts and perform data analytics on the misoperation data contained in the NERC Misoperation Information Data Analysis System (MIDAS ) portal.
• Serve as data coordinator with NERC and the Registered Entities for protection system misoperation data.  This responsibility is to ensure the data is collected on time and is reasonably error free. 
• Produce probabilistic transmission outage statistical analyses using the NERC transmission outage data in the Transmission Availability Data System (TADS).  This would include producing charts for the ReliabilityFirst Regional Risk Assessment, Transmission Performance Subcommittee, and other functions.
• Perform data analytics on the demand response data contained in the NERC Demand Response Availability System (DADS).
• Perform data analytics on other types of industry data, such as breaker equipment and failures, operations control room tools and software, and operational data from summer/winter operations and/or events.
• Produce charts, graphs, and tables for reports and presentations in a clear and concise manner.
• Develop customized algorithms to solve analytical problems with incomplete data sets.
• Other tasks as assigned.
 The Successful Candidate will possess:
• Bachelor's degree in mathematics, statistics, or other related technical field required.
• Previous experience in data mining, analytics, and presentation preferred.
• Experience using data analysis software (e.g., MatLab, Python, R).
• Experience using Microsoft Office software preferred (e.g., Excel, PowerPoint, Access).
• Strong oral and written communication skills to present data as a concise story for diverse audiences.
• Knowledge of emerging tools and techniques in machine learning, statistical modelling, and analytics.



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